Policy for Mailing List Usage

Junta is the main mailing list of the Sangam members at MIT, and it includes all of the Indian students community at MIT. This is a moderated mailing list, and any mail sent to this list has to get the approval of the webmaster before it goes out to all the members. In order to make the administration of the list easier, and reduce the traffic on the mailing list, please take note of the following points.

  • Keep the subject of the mail informative, and clear. This helps in easily distinguishing the spam mails from the important mails.
  • As far as possible, send your e-mail in plain text. Mails on junta are often sent out in digest, which requires copying the text of the mail and pasting it separately. If you really need images in your mail, then please CC the mail to sangam-webmaster [at] mit[dot]edu as well.
  • All individual requests in the form of housing/sublet/buy and sell should be directed to the indiaspam mailing list (indiaspam [at]mit[dot]edu). Any such mail will no longer be approved on the junta list.