Mailing Lists

There are several mailing lists associated with Sangam. Please join the appropriate lists to stay in touch with us.

For MIT affiliates
If you are at MIT or will be joining MIT soon and have an email address, then please subscribe to our internal mailing lists on which we send out details of all events and other important news.
Sangam maintains two mailing lists for MIT affiliates. One of the lists, called the “junta” mailing list, is used to send out announcements and other official news. It is a moderated, low frequency mailing list. Join this list to stay informed about Sangam’s activities.

Subscribe here for junta: Junta List
The second mailing list is called the “indiaspam” list. The purpose of the list is to facilitate interaction among the Indian Community. This is a no-bar list, where you can ask questions/for help, comment on stuff, discuss, debate, break news, just anything you want others to know! The quality/number of mail(s) is not decided by a moderator, but is left to the wisdom of fellow MITians . Join in for having fun, discussing and getting help.

Please send a request to ‘sangam-webmaster [at] mit[dot]edu’ from your MIT email ID if you’d like to be subscribed to indiaspam.

For non-MIT affiliates
If you are not affiliated to MIT then choose one or more of the lists below.
Note: For all the following lists we would like you to use your official university- or company- assigned email address to sign up. This helps us keep out random individuals from subscribing and spamming the whole list. We have no other way of ascertaining your authenticity.

This is the main list, used for posting information about events organized by Sangam or other organizations in the Cambridge/Boston area. It is delivered as a daily digest, and typically contains 3-4 mails.If you want to post announcements or other information to the sangam-general list, please include sangam-general in your message headers. Preferably, send a separate copy to sangam-general instead of using Cc:. If sangam-general is Bcc:’d or Cc:’d to, your mail will likely be dropped.

Similar in scope and membership to sangam-general, this list is used to send e-mails immediately rather than as part of the digest. An important use is by the Sangam executive body to reach out at short notice.

This list is used to post classified ads of interest to the Indian community in the Cambridge/Boston area, mainly housing ads and car ads. This is delivered as a weekly digest, arriving Monday morning, and the volume varies, but is usually not more than 10 mails.