We are the association of Indian students at MIT.

Sangam represents the many Indian graduate students that belong to the MIT community. We keep the ethos and culture of India alive with periodic events, celebrations of festivals and fun activities. Read more below.



At Sangam, we believe festivals are more than just events. Join us in sharing the joy and traditions of India’s many festivals.



We create avenues to meet new friends and build lifelong relationships. Join our informal social events and unwind over food.



Join our extended family halfway around the world from home! We help Indian students gel in with our well-knit community.

Meet the team.

The Executive Board of Sangam consists of ten members who bring together all of the events that constitute our year. Find out more about each of us below.

Get to know the new team.

Saurabh Gandhi, Events Chair

In terms of related experience, I volunteered a bit last year for the Diwali night etc. I am applying/contesting because I would like to get involved and volunteer more.

Abhishek Sinha, Webmaster

I intend to increase the overall visibility of Sangam and its wonderful events, within the Greater Boston Indian community in general and MIT student community in particular, through a more effective and pervasive online presence.

Karthik Gopalakrishnan, Publicity Chair

Spread awareness/information regarding the social/cultural activities organized by Sangam to both the current members as well as the general MIT community. Plan to do this via orientation sessions during the start of every year, ticketing stalls before events, advertisements in MIT Tech, posters before events, flyer distributions etc. Being more inclusive and engage with the other cultural communities in MIT, Cambridge area by - mixers with Harvard, BU etc, mixer events with other cultural clubs/organizations in MIT (similar to department mixers). Effective use of online platforms- keeping the Fb page updated, monthly news digests, sangam website.

Arijit Banerjee, Treasurer

I would love to extend my effort to serve the Indian community at MIT. I have some experience in different leadership roles while working for a company.

Sai Nishanth Dikkala, Cultural Chair

Manifesto: If elected, I will try my best to fulfill the responsibilities of my post. Specifically, . I would aim to improve community bonding among members of Sangam and present a rich experience of Indian culture to all its members. . Will work in coordination with the remaining board members to organize cultural events such as Diwali night, Holi social, Dhoom etc. Apart from fulfilling the above said responsibilities, I will also try to have the following new initiatives/events organized: . Joint viewing of India's sports matches and/or Indian films which have a high viewer interest. . Dramatics event where teams create plays based on Indian culture. . Indian card games night. Relevant Experience: Institute Lawn Tennis Secretary 2012-13, IIT Bombay - Handled the affairs related to Tennis in the institute including the organization of events year round and the management and usage of an INR 80,000 budget.

Anil Shanbhag, Events Chair

If I become the events chair, in addition to having the main events Sangam has every year like the Diwali Night, i will introduce to new events to boost the interaction among the community members: - Outings: I think outings are a great way to build a community feeling. One possible outing idea is to go to watch a movie, we would have people signup and go together to watch a nice Bollywood movie. - Smaller scale socials in the dorms: I would prepare a detailed database containing information about where each member stays. We can use this information to organize socials in each dorm. For example, we can have a match screening:, for this I would contact a member in Tang and a member in SidPac and delegate to them the responsibility of screening the match. - New students: In order to introduce new students joining MIT to Sangam and remain active participants in it, I would like to organize some events specifically targeted at them. Some possible events ideas that I have in mind are: trip around Boston city, kayaking and/or a freshmen dinner social at a *good* Indian restaurant. In addition, I will try to organize events jointly with other bodies like the Indian student associations of other colleges in Boston, MIT India, etc . Lastly, if I do get elected to the executive board, I would help other members of the board and ensure we have a great year at Sangam. Past Experience: This is my first year at MIT. I completed my undergraduate at IIT-B. At IIT-B: - I served for a year as the manager of the web n coding club. I managed of team of 5 to conduct 20+ events spread across the year. I also built partnerships with Google Developer Group, Mozilla and Codechef to get some amazing speaker, funding for hackathons and free goodies. Many of the events had 150+ turnout. Also, being a part of the institute tech council, I helped organize many of the institute wide events. - I was the web and publicity secretary in the institute cultural council. Developed and maintained the IITB cultural webpage and all genres webpages. Created posters for many events. As part of the council, helped in organizing institute wide cultural events like PAF.

Krithika Ramchander, Vice President

Relevant experience: 1. Treasurer, Graduate Association of Mechanical Engineers (Current) 2. Events Coordinator, Shell 3. Member of editorial board in the Entrepreneurship Development Cell, IITD Manifesto: Having attended most of the events hosted by Sangam over the past year, I would love to be a part of the board and help organize these activities in the future. As I am the treasurer of Graduate Association of Mechanical Engineers, I have gained significant exposure into the overall functioning of such organizations, the nature of events and activities planned and how they are executed and of course, on how to seek funding to ensure smooth functioning. I hope that the best practices I pick on from there would help me contribute constructively to the working of Sangam too.

Pritish Kamath, Cultural Chair

Manifesto: Having participated in several Sangam events, I believe that it is a great platform for bringing Indian students closer and bringing a bit of Indian culture along with it. As part of Sangam, I will strive to cotinue the tradition of organizing various social/cultural events like Diwali night, Independence day, Republic day, etc. Relevant experience: - Some experience in organizing regular events in my lab. - Perfomed at Sangam Diwali night, Independence day and Republic day programs.

Ranjitha Shivaram, President

Sangam is a wonderful platform that brings together Indian students at MIT, while reaching out to the larger MIT community through cultural and social events. Having been at MIT for a year and having attended Sangam events as a participant, I am really excited to get on the other side as an organizer. If elected, I would: Carry forward and find ways to better Sangams signature events like Diwali Night, Holi, Karaoke Night and so on. I will try to involve the greater Boston community of students as well. Introduce 1 or 2 more hands-on events such as an Indian Games night. Come up with events that can integrate parallel efforts on campus that focus on India like the MIT India Reading group, MIT Samskritam and this years Bollywood Dance workshop during IAP. I love working in a team, something that I have learnt as Publicity Chair at Tang Hall. I also got to know how things work at MIT, like finding ways to fund events. I hope to make Sangam bigger and better this time around! Positions held: Publicity Chair, Tang Hall at MIT (2014-2016) Departmental Magazine Secretary and Editor, IIT Kharagpur (2007-2011)

Join us at our events.

Every few weeks, we give the graduate student community a reason to delve in and get a glimpse of the Indian definition of fun, in addition to some authentic food. From festivals to activities, we organize fun events that make for memorable moments with friends.

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Here are some checklists of things to keep in mind before you arrive at MIT, during your travels and after you reach MIT. Find out how to connect with us on MIT campus as well as some useful information about getting around in Cambridge and Boston.

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Check Lists

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Get Around

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Need publicity? Collaborate with us.

We have a membership base of more than 1000 students. Our cultural and social events witness a good participation not only from the students at MIT but also from the residents in the greater Boston area.

We are looking for sponsors for our future events, especially for Diwali Night, which is held in November and witnesses a turnout of more than a thousand people. Your sponsorship for our event will be in lieu of the following (but not limited to these) benefits:

  • Display of banner during the event
  • Mention of your concerns as a sponsor in our publicity and outreach material
  • Your logo on the events page of the Sangam website
  • Opportunity and resources to host a booth at the event
We would be glad to hear from our potential sponsors regarding sponsorship of Sangam events. You are welcome to contact us at sangam-exec@mit.edu with with your thoughts and questions. We thank you in advance for your support!